The Secret to Success Could Lie in the Type of Art You Collect

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons of the year, especially in New York City. The holidays are on the horizon and the crisp days remind me that all things are renewed in the fall. This is always one of the busiest times in the art world: fairs are bustling in Europe while in the United States and Mexico people gear-up for their upcoming spring arts events. During this time of the year, I often reflect not just about the general trajectory of the art world but also about life in general. Art, after all, provides us with chronological records of periods in human history and contemplative windows into how broader humanity has been experienced and lived in different lifetimes. Certain seasons speak to us more than others because they complement the rhythms of our lives—the music compositions we make of our ourselves just by the mere act of living and the narratives we create, tell, and communicate from how we see and define ourselves. Art plays a role because it gives us permission to daydream about the future, envisioning the person we’re striving to be.

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