Drawing inspiration from the New York City’s art scene of the 1970s and 1980s, Georges Bergès Gallery features a dazzling blend of international and domestic living artists. In harmony with his global perspective and devotion to artists with diverse cultural voices, Bergès remains deeply invested in all of the artists he represents. Collectors can feel secure in the continued quality and originality of the artists and artworks shown with us. In regards to the processes of collecting and making art today, Bergès has said:

“Today artists do not necessarily believe that they have to be in New York City to be discovered and gain relevance. There are very few art dealers who actually travel the world searching for new talent. I want to find the artist who is authentic and genuine and working in his or her own cultural context. And so if I have to go to China or if I have to go to India or Mexico to find that, then I will do so…. I am not interested in the Chinese guy who moves to Brooklyn and paints like he thinks he is Basquiat. I would rather go to China and find the artist there who doesn’t want to leave, who is happy living in China and producing art that is revolutionary within the culture and society that he is in.”

 (Berges, Georges. Interview by George Wayne. “Modern Eye for Modern Art,” Resident Magazine. March 2015. Print.)