Artist Spotlight – Laddie John Dill

Laddie John Dill, a prominent figure in the “Light and Space” movement, is currently on view at the Georges Bergès Gallery. In this artist spotlight, Dill describes his interest in earth materials like sand, concrete and glass as alternatives to paint, the role of light in works featured at the GB Gallery and MoMa and the artists who’ve had the greatest impact on his career.

GBG: Describe the role of light in relation to the materials used in “Light Sentences” and “Light Traps” exhibited at the Georges Bergès Gallery and “Light Plains” currently on view at MoMa.

LJD: With the light in the Light Sentences, it’s function is not to light a room but to create a beacon. Ramrod-straight, you’re left with the relationships of the gas and the color and the intricate welds between each color zone contained in one linear vacuum encased in glass tubing. “Contained Radiance”.

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