Chadwick Tyler

Chadwick Tyler is an American photographer. Known for Playing with themes of ecstasy, hysteria, and lethargy, Tyler captures expressions that are strangely non-conformist, challenging our conceptions of beauty, yet seducing us with their idiosyncratic elegance. Tyler is an eccentric, with his savant-like approach to the still image. He has an instinctive ability to relate to his subject.

“…[Chadwick Tyler’s photography] invokes the conventions of classic portraiture and cinematic representations of the tragic heroine, filtered through an individual approach that renders the classic and antiquated fresh and contemporary.”

-NY Art Beat

“A photoshoot with Chadwick Tyler is, to say the least, an intimate affair. His ethereal photographs capture high fashion models not as perfect specimens of the human form, but as imperfect subject subjects in the gaze of their own self-discovery. But there lies a beauty in his work, which has made him a favorite among designers such as Alexander Wang.”

-Mengly Taing. Dazed