Lorenzo Marini |

Type Visual

Start Date: Thursday, May 4 2017

End Date: Sunday, May 14 2017

Event Start Date:
May 4, 2017
Event End Date:
May 14, 2017
Event Venue:

Calligraphy as an art form has traditionally been a focus in many Non-Western cultures. This has not been historically the case in the West. Italian international artist Lorenzo Marini seeks to celebrate the beauty of lettering and to remind the viewer about the artistic significance of letters beyond the utility of language and written communication. The Marini solo exhibit TypeVisual is on view at Georges Berges Gallery from May 4th, 2017 through May 14th, 2017.

Although Lorenzo Marini built a successful career in advertising, as a self-reflective critical thinker, he was always aware of capitalism’s capacity and goal to appropriate and commodify images in the service of profit.  As a seeming act of resistance against cooption and as if to protect the “sacredness” and “purity” of his craft, he made it his goal for many years to keep most of his artwork in obscurity; that is, until very recently. TypeVisual is Marini’s first solo show in the United States.

Considered a multidisciplinary artist, Lorenzo Marini is well-known within a number of creative industries including advertising, architecture, visual arts, design, film, and literary publishing. He has authored and published a number of essays and novels and been honored with over 300 awards throughout his career.