In Motion Series |

Emma McGuire

Start Date: Wednesday, May 4 2016

End Date: Thursday, May 12 2016

Event Start Date:
May 4, 2016
Event End Date:
May 12, 2016
Event Venue:

New York, May 4th, 2016 – Georges Bergés Gallery is pleased to announce In Motion, a solo exhibition of five unique series by Emma McGuire. The exhibition will consist of XXXX, Exhale, Rorschach, Faunan, and The Raft.

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 4th, 2016, 6 – 9pm Exhibition on view through May 12th, 2016

Starting with the XXXX series, McGuire allows us a glimpse into the art form of cage fighting. 
The ‘XXXX’ series was taken in Atlantic City at the Renzo Gracie Flight Club in 2011. McGuire during this period became immersed within the New York sub-culture of cage fighting. (Recently exhibited at Chatsworth House in June 2013 as a complete set.) It is a dance that clearly is one of drama and intense expression. On first looking at this work one would be forgiven for thinking it were something more performance based or ethereal than the inner workings of a fight club. There is a grace and tenderness with which she handles not only the capturing of the image but the detail and care given to pioneering new photographic and mono-lithographic printing techniques. The result is an extraordinary vivid display of a body two bodies, distorted and dissolving into the print. There is a definite painterly style that sits alongside some of the great painters of the “London School” from the 20thCentury such as Francis Bacon. Particularly noting pieces such as “figure in movement” 1982- 1985. Visceral and incomplete the bodies manifest into an experience of movement. Our reading of the image is challenged and there we are directly placed in the essence of McGuire’s work, that of the relationship and tension between the subject and the spectator.

This exhibition of selected works offers a timely and prescient overview of a key female contemporary photographer of this century. McGuire has no fear when it comes to exposing and unveiling these dark and otherwise undocumented worlds. Sensual, and full of vision.

Creating a dynamic motion through herlithographs, photography, sculpture and film, London based artist expresses her philosophy paired through a duet of contemporary and classical concept of human form. Emma’s black and white series demonstrate an enigmatic measure of thoughts, uncovering meaning between reality and perceived subject matter.Emma McGuire’s interest is in the grey areas of human nature: imperfections, vulnerabilities and contradictions.

Emma McGuire is a graduate from the Royal College of Art. McGuire grew up in Nottingham, England and currently divides her time between London and New York.Emma’s works are currently in a private collection at the Chatsworth house of the Duke of Devonshire.