Kristin Jai Klosterman

American international artist Kristin Jai Klosterman is best known for her sculptural works in metal and wood and her mixed media paintings.

Klosterman has been developing her own process of contrasting elements: on one side the hard materials of her sculptural series and on the other side the soft delicate silks and fabrics of her meticulously hand-painted canvases. She draws and creates imageries inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence. Her works deal with balance, energy, environment, and movement. These combinations of different natural elements further define the balance of the feminine and masculine essences embedded in her work.

Klosterman has collaborated with artists such as Laddie John Dill and prominent social business enterprises such as TOMS, where her imagery was recognizably featured in one of the company’s international campaigns.  Klosterman’s large-scale metal sculptures can be found in public forums in places like California, Texas, Tennessee, and Minnesota, and in distinguished private homes in global cities like Berlin and Mexico City. Her artwork has been featured in both solo and group shows in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, and other influential parts of the world.