Pedro Guimaraes

Pedro Guimaraes is a Modern Contemporary artist who lives in works in Guimaraes, Portugal. He Focuses on the use of mixed media, using assortment materials and resources in his works. Pedro works with concepts and attitudes. His works beautifully contrast between the figurative and abstract world of fine art. The rebellion and boldness of this Portuguese artist is evident in the desire to broaden the definition of art. Filomena Castro Alves (Curator, Critic and Art Historian wrote: “Pedro Guimaraes exposes humanity in their work promoting the human figure in a much more challenging way, using and abusing in each of its creation of a critical analysis that has to be absorbed closely by the observer his work stands the double challenge of representing it at the highest level of demand and achieve the look of the spectators, that somehow visualize a critique of contemporary society, subtly displayed, but warning of the underlying plots to interpersonal relationships, exhibiting habits and customs of our time. In short, his painting is a technique and ideas.”