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Recent works
The Estate of Rasim Babayev
Diverse, ‎

Rasim Babayev (Azerbaijani, b.1927-2007) was an iconic figure in the context of post-Soviet art and a pioneer in the Azerbaijani Avant-Garde movement. Although predominantly focusing on painting, Babayev expressed his vision in different media as sculptor, on monumental murals and mosaic panels, on painted ceramics, as well as working with papier-mâché. Using the language of metaphor to create symbolism – reality knotted with fiction – Div or Daeva (a false God in Ancient Persia) was born to be his muse, for which a large portion of his works depict. As a fictional creature...

Bon Jane
The Three Graces, 2017

Bon Jane is an American-born artist who received her BFA from The Rietveld Academie in The Netherlands in 2007. Jane’s work focuses on deconstructing the abject manufacturing of desire, dreams, hope and fantasy within the context of contemporary popular culture - especially as it relates to ritual, female performance and celebritism.  

She lives and works in New York City. Her first photo book, "Americana...

The Three Graces
Jean Schmiedel
Untitled #3, 2019

Jean Schmiedel (Germany, b. 1963) is an artist who responds to the canon of figurative painting through a multi-dimensional aggressive expressionism. 

While surveying the landscape of his studio, Schmiedel approaches his canvases strewn across the floor in a perspective specific ritual adopted years ago and in doing so accompanies the artwork in what can only be described as mutual intercourse. With emotional content often...

Untitled #3
Todd Williamson
A Small Calculated Risk, 2021

Todd Williamson (b. 1964 | American) is a contemporary painter based in Los Angeles. His work is strongly influenced by the mid 20th century American Abstract Expressionist school. Williamson's paintings are characterized by their strict observance to geometry enlisting parallel formations that reflect a formal consideration of light, color, and shape. Using a refined process of building and removing multiple layers of oil on canvas, his works employ both complementary hues and opposing values, focusing on the subtle layers of color and...

A Small Calculated Risk
Chadwick Tyler
Arms Crossed, 2017

Chadwick Tyler grew up in the small town of Valvico, Florida. A self-taught photographer, he began his commercial career later in life.


His early work focused primarily on tractors and agricultural vehicles, before he began working with professional...

Arms Crossed
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