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Chadwick Tyler

Chadwick Tyler grew up in the small town of Valvico, Florida. A self-taught photographer, he began his commercial career later in life.


His early work focused primarily on tractors and agricultural vehicles, before he began working with professional models. He has challenged contemporary notions of beauty throughout his career, producing a body of complex and provocative images.


Chadwick now explores his cultural, political and personal roots through his candid record of portraits, landscapes and still lives entitled “God’s People.”


His images are devoid of artifice: no gloss or overblown technique.  They are truthful and compelling, memorable and enriching. A deeply moving and insightful testament to the unnoticed and banal moments of everyday life in the southern United States.


Tyler’s images are honest and evocative, conveying unrivaled respect for his subject.

Chadwick Tyler
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