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Daniel Sambo-Richter

Daniel Sambo-Richter (*1966) is a German painter. He grew up in a family of artists in the GDR. He received his artistic education from the age of thirteen. At the age of 18 he began to work as an artist. An application to leave the GDR was added to this radical step. In 1986 he met his wife, the Angolan artist Manuela Sambo.

After the fall of communism he made a name for himself as an abstract artist. He experimented with different media and materials and developed numerous works of art for public spaces. In 1996 he was awarded the Brandenburg Art Prize for his young work.

From 2004 he turned to figurative painting and since then has been working abstractly and figuratively. His interest in Renaissance painting and the artistic movements of the 19th century as well as early photography led him to a realistic painting, with which he was able to reflect on historical processes.


The history of the Third Reich and that of the GDR after 1949 under the influence of communism is the subject of his series "German Fragments". For him, this series was the initial spark for an artistic examination of the themes of power and impotence, opportunism, resistance and redemption. He has continued to work on these themes for many years, both in the representation of man and in landscapes with ice and fire.

Daniel Sambo-Richter
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