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Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro

Born in Catanzaro the 16th of July 1988, Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro studied at The School of Arts in San Giovanni in Fiore and The Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro.

Barilaro’s modus operandi prefers the manipulation of 'virgin' materials, tracing the path of life. Getting away from the 'narrative' style, preferring basic forms and compositions, which almost archaic remember the firmness and all the holiness typical of icons. In order to contrast this softness intervenes the blow inflicted on the support, which becomes more bloody and decisive: eviscerating of a hidden truth. 

His obsessive research of a truth hidden under the skin and under the appearances goes beyond a bivalent prejudice considering our beliefs. It can be noticed firstly in an academic way, through the paradoxical representation of a "Christ exposed to Confession", in a work that made him win the first place of the National Price of Arts- M.I.U.R.

Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro
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