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Jean Schmiedel

Jean Schmiedel (Germany, b. 1963) is an artist who responds to the canon of figurative painting through a multi-dimensional aggressive expressionism. 

While surveying the landscape of his studio, Schmiedel approaches his canvases strewn across the floor in a perspective specific ritual adopted years ago and in doing so accompanies the artwork in what can only be described as mutual intercourse. With emotional content often aggressive by design, Schmiedel leads his paintings to a heightened sense of animation through the use of a variety of textures, tones and organic components such as fur, feathers, pearls, and shells. The inclusion of carnivorous imagery depicting small animals, particularly dogs and birds, symbolize the artist's own primal energies and serves to challenge his audience to confront their inner carnal nature. 

In his early years, Schmiedel found employment as a mason and this knowledge of technical construction is subtly visible through the layers of paint found in his artwork. In 1982, recovering from a severe accident, Schmiedel began to channel his creative energy into expressionist painting. Visceral reaction to trauma is a part of Schmiedel's practice, often avoiding the use of brushes in favor of his hands and in these, "moments aboriginal" pays homage to those first artists who walked among us. In doing so, the artist intensifies the naked raw energy within each work as each mark has been primordially calculated. 

Jean Schmiedel
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