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Michael Schmeichel

Michael Schmeichel, (German, b. 1978) was an early proponent of the Bremen graffiti scene who currently resides in Hamburg. Years of research has led the artist to embrace a variety of techniques and presentation methodologies that have complemented his focus on figurative and abstract oil paintings. 

From 2000-2007, while a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Schmeichel elaborated on his repertoire to include sculpture and installations. Culminating from his multi-dimensional inquiries was Schmeichel's "bent" monochromatic canvases, which attracted a great deal of public interest, resulting in Michael receiving the prestigious Thales Sponsorship Award in 2007. 

Through the years, the artist has honed his fluency in a language based on chance and selection, and has deepened his interest into each concept through a number of investigative series. A conscious detachment from the physical rigors of painting has led to a more playful reflection on the part of the artist that manifests itself in an art form more open to interpretation. The influence of encounters, moments and music furnish much of the background while questions concerning existence and transience, construction and de-construction, find their expression through this dynamic, fluid process. 

Michael Schmeichel

„What inspires me is life itself:
To experience life‘s whole richness and transmitting it.
To express life‘s tides keeps me working.
To distill the subtle glimpse of beauty even in its dark states...“ 

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