Much like Prometheus, who in Greek mythology brings the gift of fire to humanity, the artist brings us creative gifts that light the fire within us and could help us relate to one another, be inspired, or cope with the challenges and tribulations of daily living.

Georges Berges

( Observer, New York City )

Located in the heart of NYC’s historic SoHo neighborhood, with another space in Germany’s creative capital Berlin, Georges Bergès Gallery features a dazzling blend of consequential living artists from all around the world. Our collectors can acquire original works from our avant-garde emerging artists and our established artists, vetted and shown by prestigious international museums, institutions, and private collections. Georges Bergès Gallery prides itself on introducing collectors to the art and artists that will come to define tomorrow’s art world.
In harmony with its global perspective and devotion to artists with distinctive talent and creative vision, Georges Bergès Gallery remains deeply invested in the professional development of its artists and in presenting noteworthy exhibitions to its audiences. Recent exhibition examples include “The Feminine Sublime,” curated in collaboration with world-renowned art critic, poet, and historian Donald Kuspit, and “Three Mile Harbor Road” featuring works of Nicolas Carone, Jackson Pollock, and a rare collaboration painted by the two artists in 1954.
Art collectors worldwide can feel secure about the originality and quality of artists, artworks, and exhibitions at Georges Bergès Gallery.
New York
462 West Broadway
New York, New York 10012
13189 Berlin, Germany
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