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Khara Oxier-Mori

Khara Oxier-Mori is an Idaho-based artist whose primary focus is the human body. Oxier-Mori attended Boise State University after receiving an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps. In 2016, she earned her degree in anthropology with a concentration in genetics, evolutionary medicine, and osteology. Her life experiences are her chief artistic inspiration, but she credits the deconstructionist theories of Derrida and Foucault for her relentless pursuit and examination of human power dynamics. 

Oxier-Mori develops, deconstructs, and reconstructs figures through self-examination, excavating memories, and recordings of her intuitive and informed world in her effort to memorialize the human condition. Her reluctance to fully humanize her subjects with facial recognition serves to emphasize and reinforce the body as an autonomous form which incentivizes the viewer to better intuit phenomena such as pheromones, matters of the heart, and linked consciousness. Oxier-Mori’s primary focus is to create a visceral and transcendental experience for those encountering her work.

The artist currently lives with her family in Canyon County, Idaho. She has exhibited both domestically and internationally. The Boise City Department of Arts and History recently granted Oxier-Mori the prestigious James Castle House residency for December 2020.

Click To View "Sinopia" - Fall 2022 Exhibition

Khara Oxier-Mori
New York
Sinopia 2
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