Covid-19 message from Georges Berges

Dear GBG Collectors, Artists, Art Lovers, and Friends:


To say that these are momentous times is an understatement. What we are going through today as a people, as a human race, around the world is seen only once in a generation. We hope each of you is doing well.  We hope each of your family members and significant persons in your life is doing well as well. 


They say that unlike other global issues, such as war, that unify communities and nations, disease drives people apart. They say that during pandemics the first casualty is too often feelings of compassion, consideration, and sympathy towards our fellow living creatures. It doesn’t have to be this way. Throughout generations, art has been a source, a passageway, of hope, comfort, and the overcoming of fear. Indeed, it was only through art and books, that I personally got through some of the most difficult times in my life – Art and books allowed me to imagine a better situation for myself, a better life and world, a better me that I could transform into. It is specifically during these times of uncertainty and stress that art can become a panacea, a healer, to what ails us, and prevent us, in this way, from succumbing and being overpowered by the illnesses of cynicism, indifference, and meaninglessness.

Covid-19 message from Georges Berges

There is something real and powerful in pain. There is something real and powerful in those seemingly tragic works that touch deep inside of us, in those places where we are most vulnerable, where we need most soothing and comfort. Joseph Campbell famously wrote, “the dark night of the soul comes just before revelation; when everything seems lost and all seems dark, then comes the new life and all that was needed.” As we weather through this storm, we hold on to the beliefs that the life that’s planned for all of humanity is a life full of love and renewal and that “what separates us as people around the world is minuscule in comparison to what binds us.”

Thank you sincerely for supporting our work and mission. GBG’s quest has always been one that is artist-centered and focused and one that is about bringing back the mystery, romance, and relevancy that has historically defined the artworld. 

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be well.

-Georges Bergès

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