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Recent works
Jean Schmiedel
Untitled #2, 2019

Jean Schmiedel (b.1963 | Germany) responds to the canon of figurative painting through multi-dimensional, almost aggressive expression of emotion. Wide, close-set eyes and lilted posture make his characters poignant and elocute an imaginary story of interaction.

Untitled #2
Hunter Biden
Untitled on Yupo Paper #1, 2020

A lawyer by profession, Hunter Biden now devotes his career to the creative arts, bringing a myriad of experiences to producing powerful and impactful works. His paintings range from photographic to mixed-media to abstract works on canvas, yupo paper, wood, and metal. He incorporates oil, acrylic, ink, and the written word to create unique experiences that have become his signature.

Untitled on Yupo Paper #1
Michael Schmeichel
Series, 2020

Michael Schmeichel, born 1978 in Bremen, Germany, became part of a local graffiti scene in his youth. He lives and works in Hamburg since 2000, focusing on figurative and abstract oil painting in recent years. Techniques and modes of presentation develop in cycles of artistic research.

During his studies from 2000 - 2007 at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Schmeichel was engaged in sculpture and installation in addition to painting. From 2004 onwards, his bent, monochrome canvas objects,...

Ford Crull
Suspect, 2021

Ford Crull is an American neo-symbolist abstract artist. Crull was born in Boston, MA, but lived in Seattle until 1976, after which he moved to Los Angeles to embark on his professional career. While still an art student at the University of Washington, Ford won many prizes at local arts festivals, and was the youngest ever artist to be invited to show at the Northwest Art Annual. Through his work Crull is...

Ben Birillo
Study for Paul Picasso as Pierrot, 2018

Ben Birillo (American, b.1928) is a painter and sculptor best known for masterminding the groundbreaking Pop Art exhibition The American Supermarket – widely considered to be the world’s first major exhibition of Pop Art. A contemporary and colleague of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Artschwager, Tom Wesselmann, and Claes Oldenburg, newspapers nicknamed Birillo the “Progenitor of Pop” and “Mr. Pop Art” due to his energetic promotion of the Pop Art movement.

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Study for Paul Picasso as Pierrot
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