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Recent works
Johan Wahlstrom
Blast From The Past #1, 2021

Johan Wahlstrom (Swedish, b. 1959) is one of today's most vocal artists known for his unencumbered critiques of current social political landscapes. 

In 1998, Wahlstrom moved to a small village in France where he immersed himself in his painting for seven years, part of the time under the tutelage of Swedish artist, Lennart Nystrom. Wahlstrom's dark narrative centers around the depiction of heads and torsos inspired by handwritten critiques captured in cryptic prose...

Blast From The Past #1
Hunter Biden
St. Thomas, 2020

A lawyer by profession, Hunter Biden now devotes his energies to the creative arts, bringing innumerable experiences to bear. The results are powerful and impactful paintings ranging from photogenic to mixed media to the abstract. His chosen substrates are canvas, yup paper, wood, and metal on which he affixes oil, acrylic, ink along with the written word; all of which creates a unique experience that has become his signature. 

St. Thomas
Harley Cortez
Losing the Feeling in my Hands, 2020

Harley Cortez (American, b. 1976) is a multi disciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker. He has lived in Los Angeles, CA and Queens, NY, while also living for a brief period in Guatemala.

His work has been shown in Los Angeles, NYC, and Tokyo. His solo exhibition in 2016 at The Paper Agency Gallery in LA titled, "The Poet as Spaceman", was an immersive installation of paintings, film and music compositions that included...

Losing the Feeling in my Hands
Wonsook Kim
Untitled (Thoughts), 2018

Wonsook Kim (Korea, b. 1950) arrived in America in 1972 and has since cultivated her practice embracing a variety of media that includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. In her opinion, her artwork resembles prose and is suggestive of poetic entries in a symbolist or surrealist diary and it is through these virtual transcriptions that she engages her audience in myth making, storytelling, and the occasional lore of the folk. A master of line, Kim complements her delicate imagery with composition...

Untitled (Thoughts)
Bon Jane
The Three Graces #2, 2017

Bon Jane is an American-born artist who received her BFA from The Rietveld Academie in The Netherlands in 2007. Jane’s work focuses on deconstructing the abject manufacturing of desire, dreams, hope and fantasy within the context of contemporary popular culture - especially as it relates to ritual, female performance and celebritism.  

She lives and works in New York City. Her first photo book, "Americana...

The Three Graces #2
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