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Recent works
Carlos Quintana
Violin, ‎

Carlos Quintana (Havana, 1966 - Carlos Alberto Quintana Ledsma) graduated from the San Alejandro School of Fine Arts, and the Superior Institute of Industrial Design, both in Havana. His works show the influence of paradigmatic artists such as Schnabel, Baselitz, Kiefer, and Kippenberger. As a painter Quintana traveled along alternative paths being considered a kind of renegade “underground” artist. His pictorial works include codes and discourses, as well as an almost obsessive interest in bearing witness to the passages of everyday life. His tendency to use a palette of solid colors adds a symbolic character...

Wonsook Kim
Flight of a Fish, ‎

Wonsook Kim (Korea, b. 1950) arrived in America in 1972 and has since cultivated her practice embracing a variety of media that includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. In her opinion, her artwork resembles prose and is suggestive of poetic entries in a symbolist or surrealist diary and it is through these virtual transcriptions that she engages her audience in myth making, storytelling, and the occasional lore of the folk. A master of line, Kim complements her delicate imagery with composition...

Flight of a Fish
Ann Strassman
Broadway VII, ‎

Ann Strassman is an American figurative painter working in Boston. Antiques and the Arts Weekly vividly describes her style: “Ann Strassman’s expressive realism… evolves from an unforgiving eye which she has developed through experience.  Through the use of exaggerated brushwork and dramatic tones she creates psychological tension.  The vocabulary may well be German Expressionism and London school, but the vision is all her own.” 

Such compelling thought exercises led Strassman to The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where she developed the...

Broadway VII
Mark Tennant
Untitled 41, ‎

Mark Tennant’s photorealistic paintings are renowned for their uncanny ability to capture small details using light, movement, and wide brushstrokes. Most of Tennant’s works are lit with a bright flash that gives his young subjects the appearance of having been the unsuspecting subjects of late-night Polaroid snapshots. His works are informed by the painting techniques of Impressionists Édouard Manet and Pierre- Auguste Renoir. Tennant taught museum copying at the Louvre and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His captivating paintings have been exhibited numerous times in the Salon d’Automne...

Untitled 41
Mayowa Nwadike
Saraounia II, ‎

Mayowa Nwadike is a self-taught Nigerian artist and primarily a mixed media painter, utilizing acrylic and charcoal to create his sizable works. Focusing predominantly on realism with elements of abstraction, his works are descriptive, not narrative, driven by African stories and symbolism. Through his work, Mayowa pushes back on societal norms and toxic masculinity, provoking the viewer to consider their relationship to social issues. He hopes his works help men embrace their femininity.

Mayowa Nwadike’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, including Museum of Science & Industry,...

Saraounia II
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