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Recent works
Todd Williamson
Singular Thoughts, 2020

Todd Williamson (b. 1964 | American) is a contemporary painter based in Los Angeles. His work is strongly influenced by the mid 20th century American Abstract Expressionist school. Williamson's paintings are characterized by their strict observance to geometry enlisting parallel formations that reflect a formal consideration of light, color, and shape. Using a refined process of building and removing multiple layers of oil on canvas, his works employ both complementary hues and opposing values, focusing on the subtle layers of color and...

Singular Thoughts
The Estate of Rasim Babayev
Dictator, ‎

Rasim Babayev (Azerbaijani, b.1927-2007) was an iconic figure in the context of post-Soviet art and a pioneer in the Azerbaijani Avant-Garde movement. Although predominantly focusing on painting, Babayev expressed his vision in different media as sculptor, on monumental murals and mosaic panels, on painted ceramics, as well as working with papier-mâché. Using the language of metaphor to create symbolism – reality knotted with fiction – Div or Daeva (a false God in Ancient Persia) was born to be his muse, for which a large portion of his works depict. As a fictional creature...

Johan Wahlstrom
See You, 2021

Johan Wahlstrom (Swedish, b. 1959) is one of today's most vocal artists known for his unencumbered critiques of current social political landscapes. 

In 1998, Wahlstrom moved to a small village in France where he immersed himself in his painting for seven years, part of the time under the tutelage of Swedish artist, Lennart Nystrom. Wahlstrom's dark narrative centers around the depiction of heads and torsos inspired by handwritten critiques captured in cryptic...

See You
Wonsook Kim
Untitled (Red Angel), 2018

Wonsook Kim (Korea, b. 1950) arrived in America in 1972 and has since cultivated her practice embracing a variety of media that includes painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. In her opinion, her artwork resembles prose and is suggestive of poetic entries in a symbolist or surrealist diary and it is through these virtual transcriptions that she engages her audience in myth making, storytelling, and the occasional lore of the folk. A master of line, Kim complements her delicate imagery with composition...

Untitled (Red Angel)
Ann Strassman

Ann Strassman is an American figurative painter working in Boston. Antiques and the Arts Weekly vividly describes her style: “Ann Strassman’s expressive realism… evolves from an unforgiving eye which she has developed through experience.  Through the use of exaggerated brushwork and dramatic tones she creates psychological tension.  The vocabulary may well be German Expressionism and London school, but the vision is all her own.” 

Such compelling thought exercises led Strassman to The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where she developed the...

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