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Recent works
Johan Wahlström
#59, 2020

Johan Wahlstrom from Stockholm, Sweden is one of today’s brightest artists who is making a conscious effort to describe the social political landscape of our contemporary world.

Johan Wahlstrom's ironic series Social Life gives a perfect sense both from a conceptual as a formal point of view of this estrangement. He is a magnificent observer of our social life’s. 

Jean Schmiedel
Angst, 2019

Jean Schmiedel (b.1963 | Germany) responds to the canon of figurative painting through multi-dimensional, almost aggressive expression of emotion. Wide, close-set eyes and lilted posture make his characters poignant and elocute an imaginary story of interaction.

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Ben Birillo
Spirit Dogs 16, 2016

Ben Birillo (American, b.1928) is a painter and sculptor best known for masterminding the groundbreaking Pop Art exhibition The American Supermarket – widely considered to be the world’s first major exhibition of Pop Art. A contemporary and colleague of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Artschwager, Tom Wesselmann, and Claes Oldenburg, newspapers nicknamed Birillo the “Progenitor of Pop” and “Mr. Pop Art” due to his energetic promotion of the Pop...

Spirit Dogs 16
Chadwick Tyler
God's people series, 2020

Chadwick Tyler grew up in the small town of Valvico, Florida. A self-taught photographer, he began his commercial career later in life.


His early work focused primarily on tractors and agricultural vehicles, before he began working with...

God's people series
Khara Oxier-Mori
Diurnal Autoanalysis, 2018

Khara Oxier-Mori (b. 1979) is an Idaho-based artist who focuses primarily on the human body. 


After receiving an honorable discharge from enlistment in the United States Marine Corps, Khara attended Boise State University. In 2016, she earned a degree in anthropology, with focus in...

Diurnal Autoanalysis
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