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Recent works
Daniel Sambo-Richter
The Fate of the Orchid, Irene von Meyendorff, 2020

Daniel Sambo-Richter (German, b. 1966) is an abstract painter. As a practicing member in an artistic family, he began his formal instruction at the age of thirteen and embarked on his professional career at eighteen. After the fall of communism, he began to make a name for himself experimenting with a variety of different media while completing numerous projects for public spaces. He was awarded the Brandenburg Art Prize in 1996 for his earliest achievements. 

From 2004, he turned to figurative iconography and since then has openly...

The Fate of the Orchid, Irene von Meyendorff
Michael Schmeichel
Reassembling, 2021

Michael Schmeichel, (German, b. 1978) was an early proponent of the Bremen graffiti scene who currently resides in Hamburg. Years of research has led the artist to embrace a variety of techniques and presentation methodologies that have complemented his focus on figurative and abstract oil paintings. 

From 2000-2007, while a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Schmeichel elaborated on his repertoire to include sculpture and installations. Culminating from his multi-dimensional inquiries was Schmeichel's "bent" monochromatic canvases, which attracted a...

Marc Vinciguerra
The Monk-Horse, 2019

Marc Vinciguerra is a Parisian sculptor and philosopher currently residing in the United States. Academically trained in the renaissance and baroque figurative manner, Vinciguerra's bronzes dare to challenge the viewer to reconsider the role classicism plays in real time. 


The Monk-Horse
Ann Strassman
Broadway VII, 2019

Ann Strassman is an American figurative painter working in Boston. Antiques and the Arts Weekly vividly describes her style: “Ann Strassman’s expressive realism… evolves from an unforgiving eye which she has developed through experience.  Through the use of exaggerated brushwork and dramatic tones she creates psychological tension.  The vocabulary may well be German Expressionism and London school, but the vision is all her own.” 

Such compelling thought exercises led Strassman to The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where she developed the skills...

Broadway VII
Khara Oxier-Mori
The Thinkers (Romancing Dystopia), 2020

Khara Oxier-Mori (b. 1979) is an Idaho-based artist whose primary focus is the human body. Khara attended Boise State University after having received an honorable discharge from the United States Marine Corps and in 2016 earned her degree in anthropology with a concentration in genetics, evolutionary medicine and osteology. Her life experiences are her chief inspiration, and she credits the deconstructionist theories of Derrida and Foucalt for her relentless pursuit and examination of human power dynamics. 

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The Thinkers (Romancing Dystopia)
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