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Recent works
Harley Cortez
Poder/No Los Olvidan, 2020

Harley Cortez (American, b. 1979) is a multi disciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker. He has lived in Los Angeles, CA and Queens, NY, while also living for a brief period in Guatemala.

His work has been shown in Los Angeles, NYC, and Tokyo. His solo exhibition in 2016 at The Paper Agency Gallery in LA titled, "The Poet as Spaceman", was an immersive installation of paintings, film and music compositions that included...

Poder/No Los Olvidan
Michael Schmeichel
Black, 2018

Michael Schmeichel, (German, b. 1978) was an early proponent of the Bremen graffiti scene who currently resides in Hamburg. Years of research has led the artist to embrace a variety of techniques and presentation methodologies that have complemented his focus on figurative and abstract oil paintings. 

From 2000-2007, while a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Schmeichel elaborated on his repertoire to include sculpture and installations. Culminating from his multi-dimensional inquiries was Schmeichel's "bent" monochromatic canvases, which attracted a...

Daniel Sambo-Richter
The Fate of the Orchid, Kristina Söderbaum II, 2020

Daniel Sambo-Richter (German, b. 1966) is an abstract painter. As a practicing member in an artistic family, he began his formal instruction at the age of thirteen and embarked on his professional career at eighteen. After the fall of communism, he began to make a name for himself experimenting with a variety of different media while completing numerous projects for public spaces. He was awarded the Brandenburg Art Prize in 1996 for his earliest achievements. 

From 2004, he turned to figurative iconography and since then has openly...

The Fate of the Orchid, Kristina Söderbaum II
Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro
Stars, 2020

Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro (Catanzaro, b. 1988) studied at The School of Arts in San Giovanni in Fiore and The Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro. 

Barilaro's modus operandi prefers the manipulation of "virgin" materials, tracing the evolution of the human condition. Moving beyond the "narrative", the artist prefers geometric forms and compositions; while seemingly archaic, this approach imbues his work with a sacred "divinity" synonymous with the most holy of historical icons. Underlying these observations, however, is a hidden truth; a truth more conflicting, daunting...

Hisako Kobayashi
The Voice of Spring, 2019

Hisako Kobayashi grew up in Tokyo before moving to New York City in 1981 to earn a Master of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute. An abstract painter, she has since exhibited her work on five continents over a span of three decades. Upon observation, her works clearly and openly illustrate a maternal devotion to her native Japan while at once embracing the essence of her newfound Western sensibilities. 

Art critic Donald Kuspit has authored this on her work, "Kobayashi's paintings exemplify the romantic idea that...

The Voice of Spring
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