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Recent works
The Estate of Rasim Babayev
Awakening, ‎

Rasim Babayev (Azerbaijani, b.1927-2007) was an iconic figure in the context of post-Soviet art and a pioneer in the Azerbaijani Avant-Garde movement. Although predominantly focusing on painting, Babayev expressed his vision in different media as sculptor, on monumental murals and mosaic panels, on painted ceramics, as well as working with papier-mâché. Using the language of metaphor to create symbolism – reality knotted with fiction – Div or Daeva (a false God in Ancient Persia) was born to be his muse, for which a large portion of his works depict. As a fictional creature...

Marc Vinciguerra
The Homo-Crucifixis, 2019

Marc Vinciguerra is a Parisian sculptor and philosopher currently residing in the United States. Academically trained in the renaissance and baroque figurative manner, Vinciguerra's bronzes dare to challenge the viewer to reconsider the role classicism plays in real time. 


The Homo-Crucifixis
Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa
Black And White, 2013

Born in 1952 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Rashid Al Khalifa held his first solo exhibition at the Dilmun Hotel, Bahrain, in 1970 when he was just 16 years old, and then moved to the UK in 1972 to study at the Hastings College of Arts and Technology in Sussex. After returning to Bahrain in 1978, inspired by Europe’s greatest Impressionist masters, he began his own renditions of his country’s landscapes, producing a series of atmospheric paintings of the desert, sea, and historical sites. These works...

Black And White
Hunter Biden
Untitled on YUPO #13, ㅤ

A lawyer by profession, Hunter Biden now devotes his energies to the creative arts, bringing innumerable experiences to bear. The results are powerful and impactful paintings ranging from photogenic to mixed media to the abstract. His chosen substrates are canvas, YUPO paper, wood, and metal on which he affixes oil, acrylic, ink along with the written word; all of which creates a unique experience that has become his signature. 

Click To View "The Journey Home" - Fall 2021 Exhibition

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Untitled on YUPO #13
Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro
Stars, 2020

Giuseppe Salvatore Barilaro (Catanzaro, b. 1988) studied at The School of Arts in San Giovanni in Fiore and The Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro. 

Barilaro's modus operandi prefers the manipulation of "virgin" materials, tracing the evolution of the human condition. Moving beyond the "narrative", the artist prefers geometric forms and compositions; while seemingly archaic, this approach imbues his work with a sacred "divinity" synonymous with the most holy of historical icons. Underlying these observations, however, is a hidden truth; a truth more conflicting, daunting...

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